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I can answer my own questions, can this be disabled?

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asked Nov 29, 2011 in Q2A Core by zbdblues
As the title say's, users can ask a question and add their own answer. Can this be disabled?
Q2A version: latest 30/11/2011

3 Answers

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answered Nov 29, 2011 by zbdblues
See what I mean!
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answered Nov 30, 2011 by NoahY

you could hack this by removing the "answer" button:

if(qa_logged_in_userid() == $this->content['q_view']['raw']['postid'])

  but it would still be possible for a hacker to post answers to their own question via manual submission.  With 1.5, there should be a way to block such submissions as well.

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answered Nov 30, 2011 by Scott
Why is this a problem? If the user has a question, then finds the answer themselves, they should answer it.
commented Nov 30, 2011 by zbdblues
It's not what I want. Several reasons but mainly personal choice. Also, I feel it could either encourage a debate or discourage further input.