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How to add Language/ Theme/ Option of "wysiwyg-editor"?

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asked Dec 21, 2011 in Plugins by QA-Themes
edited Dec 21, 2011 by QA-Themes

I want to change "wysiwyg-editor"'s direction to be "Right to Left".

There is a smal tut on Tiny-MCE's Wiki about changing direction but I didn't find this function inside files. can you please help me.

Q2A version: V 1.4.3

1 Answer

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answered Dec 22, 2011 by QA-Themes
selected Dec 24, 2011 by QA-Themes
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found the answer:

I needed to change CKEDITOR.editorConfig function inside:


more info on: http://ckeditor.com


commented Dec 27, 2011 by jatin.soni
its for joomla and drupal. how to add in Q2A? even there is  not dark theme  all theme are light color :(