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Ok, Try This - Looking For Custom Theme

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asked Feb 19, 2012 in Q2A Core by anonymous
Looking for custom theme for this script.  Must be modern, clean and error free. Willing to pay upto $300, who is ready?  Need to get this going.

Post email and samples or other....
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commented Feb 22, 2012 by jatin.soni
What you are looking in that?
commented Mar 1, 2012 by demo
Need modern clean template. I have a few sample sites/templates I like
commented Mar 1, 2012 by demo
Still can not see how only a few replies here. I am willing to spend money and get a custom modern clean design built around this script.  Does anyone know where else this can be done besides odesk, freelancer, etc..

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answered Feb 19, 2012 by gooshbob

You should probably pick a theme elsewhere like Wordpress and then put it out as a job somewhere.  I did that with the WP Light word theme and used slightly different colors on our site at China Helpers.  You can the see WP theme on the home page (http://www.chinahelpers.com) and then the QA on the Tip section (http://www.chinahelpers.com/tips.

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answered Feb 27, 2012 by tamal.nemesis
commented Mar 1, 2012 by demo
Thanks, its very nice but looking for something custom with a modern looking and clean feel. Will keep it as a thought though.
commented Mar 1, 2012 by tamal.nemesis
Ya thanks,
I am designing a layout like the new Microsoft Tiles layout in windows 8 or windows mobile, will take 3 to 4 days to complete. if you can wait till then you can have a look at it... After launching I will surely intimate you.
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answered Feb 28, 2012 by a1b2c
I can do it in less price. But you will have to provide any html template which suits you.

Just give me any html template you like. I will convert it to Q&A theme.
commented Mar 1, 2012 by demo
reshown Aug 28, 2012 by demo
Ok, need contact info to show a few html templates and see what you can do
commented Mar 2, 2012 by a1b2c
check your PM
commented Mar 5, 2012 by a1b2c
Just see what can I do.
see demo at  http://demo.octopud.com/
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answered Mar 1, 2012 by jatin.soni
you can download one simple theme from mysite http://portfolio.pixelngrain.com/downloads/templates/question2answer-themes/ if you want any specific give me detail I can make it as you need