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How to enable video embedding ?

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asked Mar 14, 2012 in Q2A Core by monk333
What would be the recommended way to enable users to add youtube embed code with their question ?

(The available plugin seems not to work )

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answered Mar 14, 2012 by NoahY
selected Mar 14, 2012 by monk333
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The plugin doesn't require embed code.  You just paste in the video URL and it converts it to the proper embed code.  If you want specific embed code, just edit the plugin.

We talked about embed code earlier, HTMLaw doesn't allow it, but you can edit the htmlaw php file to remove iframe, I think it is.  But then you have the danger of people adding iframes at whim.
commented Mar 14, 2012 by monk333face
edited Mar 14, 2012 by monk333face
Thank You Noah, great work, I just added always the highlighted url under the video. Now I tested it with the pages url, and ... it works.

But actually I have a second problem. I have badly modified the mouseover plugin to get the raw content from the question to display images added to the question information. That works so far, just the video still does not show up. Any idea what could be the reason ?

EDIT: Here You can see my changes to the mouseoverlayer, but I still would be happier if i simply could change the q_list function to show questioncontent in lists...but I didnt figure it out...


EDIT2: Interestingly, without the embed plugin I see the video on the question list but not on the question view.
With the embed plugin installed, now I do not see the video in the list, but on the question view..
commented Mar 14, 2012 by monk333face
It works !!!

Please see here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/13432/display-full-question-text-image-question-list-help-please

To the qa-embed-layer.php i just had to add:

    function q_item_content($q_item)
            if (isset($q_item['content'])){
                $q_item['content'] = $this->embed_replace($q_item['content']);

and now I have movies as well on the questionlists.

Thanks again !!!