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50000 URLs error in sitemap.

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asked Oct 21, 2012 in Q2A Core by anonymous

How do you fix this error? need to split sitemap file

Your Sitemap contains too many URLs. Please create multiple Sitemaps with up to 50000 URLs each and submit all Sitemaps.

Q2A version: 1.5
commented Sep 14, 2015 by q2apro
Same problem here now. If I find the time I try to create a plugin for that in the next months.
commented Sep 14, 2015 by yerbol89kz

4 Answers

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answered Nov 4, 2012 by Ronlaw

Q: How big can my Sitemap be?

Sitemaps should be no larger than 10MB (10,485,760 bytes) and can contain a maximum of 50,000 URLs. These limits help to ensure that your web server does not get bogged down serving very large files. This means that if your site contains more than 50,000 URLs or your Sitemap is bigger than 10MB, you must create multiple Sitemap files and use a Sitemap index file. You should use a Sitemap index file even if you have a small site but plan on growing beyond 50,000 URLs or a file size of 10MB. A Sitemap index file can include up to 1,000 Sitemaps and must not exceed 10MB (10,485,760 bytes). You can also use gzip to compress your Sitemaps.”[1]


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answered Apr 23, 2013 by resident

For me this is also an urgent question!

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answered Apr 24, 2013 by Catalin Cvl
If you are so novice that you can't do this in php, try manually.

Open the sitemap.xml, and split it into 2 sitemaps, using copy-paste.
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answered Nov 2, 2014 by Alexxx
Someone has a solution to this problem? 
but I can buy for $ 40.
There is a free solution?