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closed Keep getting this message when accepting questions waiting moderation: Please click again to confirm

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asked Jun 30, 2013 in Q2A Core by VdoubleE
closed Jun 30, 2013 by VdoubleE
My site wont let my questions go through in moderation it keeps saying: Please click again to confirm.

Please help!
Q2A version: 1.6
closed with the note: Solved
commented Jun 30, 2013 by VdoubleE
Shoot sorry I deleted it but it was some kind of google code for tracking marketing or something like that not too sure sorry.
commented Jul 25, 2013 by monk333
edited Jul 25, 2013 by monk333
In my case this behaviour was triggered through a missing line in my modified qa-theme function:
function q_view_main($q_view){....}

I had to change

if (isset($q_view['main_form_tags']))


if (isset($q_view['main_form_tags'])) {

Just for info...


For all voting, buttons and favorite forms which one has in his custom qa-theme.php , the closing part needs to be reviewed, as in 1.6.1  these forms are closed differently like the example above, which is for buttons only