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Google is indexing my site, but not my questions... Why?

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asked Sep 29, 2010 in Q2A Core by anonymous
I can't figure this out....

Google is indexing my domain and multiple "pages" on the domain, but the actual question doesn't appear in many of the urls..

For example,

domain.com, domains.com/tags/, domain.com/categories/, /ask/, /unasnwered/ etc. are all indexed.  Even domain.com/ask/QUESTION_NUMBER/ is indexed....


domain.com/QUESTION-NUMBER/what-is-a-car  or domain.com/QUESTION-NUMBER/why-is-the-sky-blue is not indexed.

After looking at the 260 pages that Google Indexed, only 3 question URLs are listed.  (To be fair, the site is only 2 weeks old, has no incoming links, and only 18 questions)

So, I'm just wondering if as the site grows will Google index the full question URL, or is this a problem with question2answer?

Your help is appreciated, thanks!

1 Answer

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answered Sep 30, 2010 by monk333
Dont worry, if Your site is only 2 weeks old, you can be happy that at least something is added.

One of my sites is now 2 months old, has some forced incoming links and about 80% of the questions are indexed by google.

Just wait and get some incoming links. Then, you either may add Your feed as sitemap in googe webmastertools or you can add Simon Frerichs sitemap generator for question2answers, what as well works.

But really, if Your mainpage has a Pagerank of 0 to 1 why should the questions already be indexed.
commented Sep 30, 2010 by monk333
Removing the bad sites:

Upload a robots.txt and inform google on webmastertools dening access to some sites..

You as wel can set 301 redirects in the htaccess, redirecting the bad sites, but this may become complicated..


Than, You as wel can google tell to delete several sites, You shoud do so as well, but this wil need some weeks..
commented Oct 7, 2010 by newguy
So, I edited the end of .htaccess with this entry:

redirect 301 /25/ask http://www.domain.com/25/what-is-a-cat

However, when clicking or going to domain.com/25/ask, I'm redirected to:


My question...  Why is .htaccess adding ?QA-REWRITE=25/ask to the end of the URL and how do I remove that from these "hard coded 301 redirect settings?"