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Google adsense is not shown in my website?

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asked Dec 17, 2013 in Themes by DtunesAnswer

I have approved google adsense account.But ads doesn't show in my website.
I use Widget Anywhere plugin.But not work.
Help plz.

My website: https://dtunes.pw


commented Dec 17, 2013 by Scott
Probably just need to wait a few days for the site to be crawled/indexed and Googlebot to determine which ads to show.

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answered Dec 17, 2013 by maxjtechno
selected Dec 18, 2013 by DtunesAnswer
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If I paste your url into an adsense sandbox (here or here), the ads are showing.

So at least your domain has not been banned. smiley

If I change the "client" and "slotname" parameters values of your ad code with values taken from another account, the ad is displaying (so you are using a correct ad code).

If I put your "client" and "slotname" parameters values inside the ad code taken from another website (that is working), that ad is not displaying.

So it seems a problem related to your account.

Check this troubleshooting procedure :