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Upgrade from 1.3 B1 to 1.3 Beta 2 hangs, so does fresh install...

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asked Nov 13, 2010 in Q2A Core by Frank Basti
when doing either an upgrade or a fresh install of Q2A 1.3b2 it hangs when trying to update or create database tables, i have tried it both ways.

It does not give me an error, just sticks on the same page.

I have tried enabling short tags in my php.ini file but am not sure if they are working correctly.  Last time on beta one this was an error in the facebook plugin php page.  I am wondering if its the same type of php error but instead with a different script?

Please advise
commented Nov 13, 2010 by Frank Basti
is there a way for me to manually update the DB?  I can use my old db from my 1.3 beta 1 tests, and make the SQL updates...??  With the combo of copying all the new php files?   Or does the update/install make other changes too?
commented Nov 13, 2010 by Frank Basti
Actually, i tried to run it in a different browser and it worked fine.  I guess i was doing something wrong in google chrome.  Very embarassing... I think i am good.

1 Answer

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answered Nov 13, 2010 by gidgreen
edited Nov 14, 2010 by gidgreen
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I saw the problem by checking out your site. You have some kind of redirect rule set up which is redirecting from:


... to ...


This is preventing the install button click from being detected, since the form is submitted at the URL which includes index.php, but this submit requested is being redirected back to the original page URL.
commented Nov 14, 2010 by Frank Basti
Thank you Gideon
commented May 2, 2011 by idanco

i have the same problem ,
i think it is related to wordpress redirection but not sure , i tried to disable the redirections but it did not work . does someone have an idea what could it be ?