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how to delete all user score point??

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asked May 22, 2014 in Q2A Core by ali1979

is there plugin or way to delet user score points all is same time

??or delete all points each month or each weak

Q2A version: 1.6.3
commented May 24, 2014 by ali1979
any help please??
commented May 24, 2014 by sama55
I can not understand the meaning of your question.
What is "delete"?
What is "user score"?
I think you know Admin > Stats > Re-calc feature. Some answer may be obtained by showing the result that you expect by screen capture.

3 Answers

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answered May 25, 2014 by ali1979



i want delete all users point

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answered May 25, 2014 by sama55

I do not yet understand the meaning of your question. Do you misunderstand about Q2A point?

However, you can clear the score of all users by operation below. In this case, point feature will not work at all.

  1. Admin > Points > set "0" to all items
  2. Admin > Points > Save and recalculate
commented May 26, 2014 by ali1979
commented May 26, 2014 by sama55
Refer to the author for the problem of the specific payment plugin.
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answered Jan 9, 2015 by BotaFlo
How if you just set the "multiply" factor to 0 ?

I don't want to try it out on my community but as far as I understand the system, a multiplication by 0 should result in all score set by 0 !

Afterward, or you let the multiply factor by 0 (so the points never get back), or you set it to 1 (scores will be up and down by the votes as normal) or you set it by the value of your choice (default seems to be 10).