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How do I moderation (approval) of questions?

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asked Feb 7, 2015 in Q2A Core by ZAGOR
How can I do?

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answered Feb 7, 2015 by pupi1985
selected Feb 13, 2015 by ZAGOR
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You need to enable moderation in the admin/spam section. In there you'll find the following options:

  • Use moderation for anonymous posts
  • Use moderation if user not yet approved
  • Use moderation for users with few points
  • Re-moderate posts after editing
  • Email me when a post needs moderation
  • Time to show on moderated posts
Then you can approve or reject the posts from the admin/moderate section or when displaying the post itself, as there are approve or reject buttons added to them.
commented Feb 13, 2015 by ZAGOR
Thank you very much