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How do I clear cache?

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asked Jun 27, 2015 in Q2A Core by joshtesk
How do I clear cache? Items that I removed still keep showing up on my website q2a website?  I have made many changes via admin panel, but I am still unable to see them and would like to see the changes immediately.  I have already cleared the cache and cookies out of all my browser, and that method doesn't work.  Someone please help me.  What files do I need to alter in order to get immediate changes?  What code must be changed?
commented Jan 24, 2016 by oray
I have the same problem! I do changes in a plugin and it does not reflect, but if I open it from another browser (which is a fresh one, meaning never opened before) it works okay! and I need to open a new browser every time I do a change in a plugin -.-
commented Jan 24, 2016 by igael
@oray : it comes from your browser cache not from QA. Clear it.

1 Answer

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answered Jun 29, 2015 by sama55
On the server side, Q2A data (exclude images that has been stored in the blob table) is not cached. Changes in the admin panel will be immediately stored in the database. In order to investigate the cause of the change is not reflected, it would need more detailed information about your changes.