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Is it possible to ping a specific user in a comment or an answer?

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asked Nov 24, 2015 in Q2A Core by amirgon
Is it possible to refer to a user in a comment/answer, such that he gets a notification?

(something like annotating "@user" in StackOverflow comment)

1 Answer

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answered Nov 27, 2015 by Scott

Currently, it's not part of Q2A. But it's something I'll be considering when I (finally) implement notifications in v1.8.

In the meantime there are various notification plugins that may solve the problem - check here for some of them.

commented Jul 21, 2016 by arjunsuresh
@donshakespeare Are you considering this in your editor?
commented Jul 21, 2016 by donshakespeare
Oh, I was just echoing scott's message. And yes I considered it. Problem is I am 100% SSO - so I don't deal with Q2A native user base. Once I have time I show some love to the Q2A native user system and then share what I have got