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Does anyone have the Twitter login plugin?

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It seems that when I click on the link in the add on section the page to this plugin can't be found. Does anyone have a link to this?
asked Mar 15, 2011 in Plugins by RickTheRuler
recategorized Nov 13, 2011 by gidgreen

2 Answers

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I have the plugin running, just search on github and you will find it.

You need the standard twitter oauth and the plugin specific for q2a.
answered Apr 6, 2011 by apj
Does anybody know where to get the witter plugin? To bad It is not on github, can somebody plz send me the link?
link is dead is their any other place for twitter login plugin?
+1 vote
answered May 23, 2011 by gidgreen
does it work for version 1.5