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How to enable create Category for Moderators?

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asked Nov 13, 2016 in Q2A Core by teju2friends

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answered Nov 13, 2016 by sama55
Good question. I also encountered the same needs. You can do that by hacking the core. However, that is not realistic. There will be a way to limit the admin (not SuperAdmin) authority.

commented Nov 14, 2016 by sama55
I have not denied all of the open source projects. I have participated in many open source projects so far. Many OSS are born every year. However, there are very few projects that survive (Successful projects are few percent). All of the successful projects are managed on the appropriate organization. And, it is driven by strong leadership. For example, Linux, Ubuntu, WordPress, Drupal, etc. The members here do not speak out of fear of repulsion, but everyone wants the project to be appropriately managed by a person with strong leadership. Typically, developers are not interested in projects that will not evolve.
commented Nov 16, 2016 by Ziad
edited Nov 16, 2016 by Ziad
Ya, many OSS don't survive and closed sourced software are no better. You're ignoring Joomla which is the second most popular open source CMS and has NO strong leadership as opposed to what you mentioned. If you go to their forums and ask them who's in charge there no one will be able to answer. And if you insist on it you'll probably be considered as a troll.

You're also ignoring the possibility of forking the project if you want to take the lead with the possibility of contributing back to the original repository later. You really don't have to close it up for that and by doing so you're only helping a few elites who can afford to pay, not the community as a whole. The bigger price however is that they'll end up being locked into a much smaller ecosystem.