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Do you have a star plugin for Q & A 1.7.4 ?

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asked Jan 9 in Plugins by Şarkı Sözleri
 I am looking for a 5 stars plugin to work correctly on  Q & A 1.7.4
the system. Can you help me? I want to look star on Google search results.
commented Jan 11 by jatin.soni
@Talip Pilat,

Are you writing? If you are than I won't write. It is not a good idea to make same thi g twice.. let me know
commented Jan 11 by Talip Pilat
 I like the Q2a system. But I'm having a hard time with plugins. My system q2a 1.7.4.
But the plugins do not work properly.

Star plugin is not working.

Most active users (per time interval) v1.2 plugin does not work.

Top Users per Month and weekly plugin is not working.

 I installed budges plugin and it works flawed.

But I do not want to leave this Q2A system

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