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Q2A testing team, anyone interested to join?

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asked Feb 5 in Q2A Core by ProThoughts
I'm thinking to form a testing team for q2a upcoming github version. I know all github code changes (patches) are verified before committing but better to be tested by community members. We can come together to test github version and discuss about new features required for Q2A. This will help to make q2a better.

If we find any issues then we can post on github. All new features we can discuss then suggest to developers, Scott, pupi1985 etc.

What do you think? anyone interested to join?  You dont need to understand php code, just test q2a and discuss about new features.

If there are enough members then I can setup Q2A closed site for testing and discussion purpose.

commented Feb 6 by Gurjyot Singh
Hello @ProThoughts,

It's very nice that you wanna improve Q2A by making a testing team but, right now Q2A needs a development team more than a testing team. Now you already know that so it would be better if @Scott take this responsibility and make a team of two or three so that work can be divided properly.
Then only testing of Q2A comes in play. :)
commented Feb 7 by ProThoughts
@Gurjyot Singh, people who are expert in development are already adding features in Github code. We will not get people by announcing here. Unfortunately we are not getting enough people for development.  It is sad for Q2A.

Scott is already development lead and he is trying his best.

Development and Testing are equally important to improve Q2A quality. I can at least take a lead for that. Let us see if it works.

We all need to contribute in some way to make Q2A better.

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answered Feb 7 by pupi1985

I totally agree with ProThoughts and I'm pretty sure "We all need to contribute in some way to make Q2A better" really summarizes the whole issue. Many users ask and very few users give. And despite the fact that few users are capable of writing code (and even less of them actually do so) I'm considerably surprised that very few users give their time for other additional tasks that can really improve new releases.

I agree with Gurjyot on the fact that more developing hands would, of course, decrease release time. However, waiting for a "development team" to come in order to help with testing is not only utopic but also not exactly accurate. The reason is that this behaviour makes the assumption that currently there is nothing to test, which is not the case. Every merge in the dev (and now in the 1.8) branch could/should (must?) be tested. I've created an issue (bug #488), which in QA jargon would be a showstopper, and so far nobody noticed it (because no one was actually testing that).

In fact, a matter of weeks ago, ProThoughts created this post in here http://www.question2answer.org/qa/55467 which was very helpful as nobody had noticed that issue before and it was critical. Now it is fixed. So it is proven that testing indeed helps.

So I want to emphasize that I like the idea of people actually spending time on making things better and getting their hands dirty (because there is no other way). However, it is also important to understand that anyone can contribute (developers, testers, designers, etc) as anyone can create pull request in GitHub, or create an issue detailing steps to reproduce an unexpected behaviour (bug) or even post a question here asking for assistance on how to do so.

commented Feb 8 by ProThoughts
@pupi1985, hope Q2A user understand importance of contribution for the improvement. We also need lead for UI/theme design. We all can give ideas and someone can lead new theme design work.

Together we can make q2a successful similar to wordpress or phpbb software.
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answered Feb 7 by bluegenel
Thanks ProThoughts. I would be willing to join and contribute when I can.
commented Feb 8 by ProThoughts
@bluegenel, thanks, will update you once I setup site.
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answered Feb 9 by Etka
i can join if u wish

(i want do something for community but i can't mostly :/ )
commented Feb 12 by ProThoughts
Ok, let Scott decide something on this. thanks!
commented 4 days ago by ProThoughts
@pupi1985, I installed v1.7.4 and the upgraded with latest github version(1.8) and everything worked fine. No issues seen for upgrade.
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answered 1 day ago by Ronlaw
Let me know how I can help.
commented 8 hours ago by ProThoughts
sure!... thanks!