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Article System

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asked Mar 15, 2017 in Q2A Core by Chris Sagherian
I need a plugin that will allow me to create pages and link them to subpages. The main admin is the only one who'll need access to these pages, but they'll need to be displayed as a tab. Is there anything that can do this.

I've tried the blog system but like others have said it's terribly broken.

The system would work like this, New Article -> Title -> HTML Content, The article would then be posted with the photo preview text and a link?

Thank you in advance.
Q2A version: 1.7x

1 Answer

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answered Mar 16, 2017 by ProThoughts
Blog post plugin is broken but you can ask someone to fix issue and improve below plugin.

commented Mar 16, 2017 by Chris Sagherian
Ask who? The author? I thought this was an old plugin with no support? I feel like with how easy plugins seem to work, it would be easier to maybe ask someone to make this feature. Have you heard of joomla? It could be based on the same idea of an article.
commented Mar 17, 2017 by arjunsuresh
Yes it is terrible broken. There is a blog-tool plugin-paid one which works though with some issues in latest Q2A. You can also use wordpress/joomla integration. Personally I would suggest to use a Q2A  Category for Articles - you might need to add some custom links and filtering but would be the simplest and stable mechanism to do.