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Facebook login problem

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asked Mar 16 in Plugins by burakalaca

Login with Facebook Do you have a problem with clicking on the button? How can I solve the problem

site : saykoperest.com

commented Mar 17 by Dr-Hack
you should share the exact nature of problem , so users can help you
commented Mar 18 by burakalaca
It would be better to go in and look, I can not speak English poorly

2 Answers

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answered Apr 4 by dabdoub
The message is very clear, your Facebook App is in development mode.

Change it in you Facebook Account to live,
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answered Apr 4 by ProThoughts
There is issue with fb login in v1.7.4. This is fixed now, you can take below one file from github and update in your plugin dir.


download file base_facebook.php and upload to your /qa-plugin/facebook-login/ v1.7.4 dir. It should work.