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[paid] Need Q2A developer for custom plugin

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asked 6 days ago in Q2A Core by Aras Ahmed

I have a website like www.question2answer.org/qa the members have to signup to ask questions there.

 I need to create an other question page except www.domain.com/ask with other permissions , the new asking question page allows the visitors to ask question without signing up 

That because I need to create a campaign for the website and the visitor who come from the campaign can ask question without signing up 

For example the new asking question link will be www.domain.com/XXXX instead of www.domain.com/ask and I can change /XXXX from time to time knowing that 

- The developer have to create the project using his own server then send it 

Developers who want to create this plugin for me can either place a bid on the project on freelancer.com here :


Or create it for me outside freelancer for 80$

Q2A version: 1.7.4
commented 6 days ago by Scott
You can do this in Q2A now, using Permissions.

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