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Questions with selected Answers should have Solve for Search Engine

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asked 4 days ago in Q2A Core by Dr-Hack
When ever an answer is selected the "Solved" should be added to the Question for Search Engines ... or there are any plugins already doing the same ?

2 Answers

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answered 3 days ago by sama55
selected 2 days ago by Dr-Hack
Best answer

Is your hope satisfied with this hack?

Source: qa-include/pages/question-submit.php
Function: qa_page_q_single_click_a()

if (qa_clicked($prefix.'doselect') && $question['aselectable'] && ($allowselectmove || ( (!isset($question['selchildid'])) && !qa_opt('do_close_on_select'))) && qa_page_q_click_check_form_code($answer, $error) ) {
    qa_question_set_selchildid($userid, $handle, $cookieid, $question, $answer['postid'], $answers);
    // [START]
        qa_question_close_other($question, $answer, qa_lang_html('main/answer_selected'), $userid, $handle, $cookieid);
    // [END]

    return true;

if (qa_clicked($prefix.'dounselect') && $question['aselectable'] && ($question['selchildid']==$answer['postid']) && ($allowselectmove || !qa_opt('do_close_on_select')) && qa_page_q_click_check_form_code($answer, $error)) {
    qa_question_set_selchildid($userid, $handle, $cookieid, $question, null, $answers);
    // [START]
        qa_question_close_clear($question, null, $userid, $handle, $cookieid);
    // [END]

    return true;

commented 2 days ago by Dr-Hack
i have done the changes , will be able to view there success after google index some question / answer .. so let see :)
+3 votes
answered 4 days ago by sama55
This would be the option related to your wishes.

"Admin" > "Posting" > "Close questions with a selected answer"

But, What does "for Search Engines" mean?

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commented 3 days ago by Dr-Hack
by "for search engines" I mean , if a question gets an answer and its selected as "Answered" , in search engines it should show  "[Solved] Some question" so searchers can see that the query they looking for is solved
commented 3 days ago by sama55
I understood your intentions. When my improvement request has been reflected in the next version, your hope may be satisfied. However, I will try to make a temporary patch. Wait a moment.