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asked Jun 14 in Q2A Core by sonsuz
i have 20K contents site ( http://www.sikayet.name ) But it is not found in the sample sites. Why?


There are also bad links , (Example Answermenu.com is broken or hacked. )

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answered Jun 30 by gidgreen
selected Jun 30 by sonsuz
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The sites list is very selective, based on sites who showed long term organic user participation at the time they were assessed. It's not based only on the number of questions. That's for the time about answermenu - it's been removed.
commented Jul 30 by q2apro
In general, I suggest to get rid of the "Sites" section (it does not help q2a's reputation, there are spam sites, broken sites etc.). Instead there should be a list of user proposed sites. Github can be used for such commits.
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answered Jun 14 by ProThoughts
You need to submit site here first.

commented Jun 14 by sonsuz
Add 3 times for my sites
commented Jun 15 by ProThoughts
Looks like it is broken, will check with Gideon on this. thanks for reporting.
commented Jun 29 by sonsuz
I guess he has not checked yet.