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Answers and comments moderation?

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asked Jul 5, 2017 in Q2A Core by lapidus
I know that questions can go at moderation but what is with answers and comments?

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answered Jul 5, 2017 by Jonatan
selected Jul 6, 2017 by lapidus
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Answers and comments can also be moderated.

In administrative panel, tab spam:

Select the option: Use moderation for users with few points

Type the number that you want.
(Depends on the reputation system of your site)

Save options.
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answered Jul 7, 2017 by lipsmega

Kliqqi cms uses what I think is a great way to moderate content: in admin area, theres a page which shows a list with all comments or all stories chronologically. So in one single page, the moderator can see a lot of comments already posted and can delete or killspam each.