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Any theme or Plugin that support Indian language?

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asked Jul 23, 2017 in Themes by remo
I want to start a QA site in an Indian language. Is there any theme or plugin?

1 Answer

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answered Jul 23, 2017 by ProThoughts
You just need language add on for this, which language you are looking for?

commented Jul 25, 2017 by remo
@arjunsuresh, @ProThoughts thanks for the support. of course, I need your help. Happy to inform you all that a Malayalam Q&A site is live now. https://www.askdinkan.com/ started on 14/ July.  Just one week before I asked this question. I have little knowledge about coding, PHP, MySQL etc. One my friend helped me (He is also a member of this great community).  The site still facing some problems. That I will discuss with you later. Expecting a good support from this great community I am really happy to be a part of  Q2A.
commented Jul 25, 2017 by arjunsuresh
Great remo :) Happy to see that you use Donut -- so issues should be solved easily. I'm not sure how popular Malayalam typing support is -- do you expect people to answer there by typing Malayalam?