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How to display shortened answer on the question list page?

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asked Aug 1 in Plugins by Ankhamax

How to integrate a shortend answer in the list of questions? 
Example (the red answer (shortended) is what I am asking for): 

Q2A version: 1.7.4
commented Aug 1 by sama55
Usually, there are multiple answers. Detailed design is necessary. For example, best answer, votest, latest one, etc. Quora may be helpful.
commented Aug 14 by ArresT
moved Aug 14 by Scott

Okay. i want to a different question. "How to integrate a shortend question in the list of questions? 

is it possible ?

1 Answer

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answered Aug 15 by sama55
If you want to show question details, you can realize with remodeling mouseover-layer pluigin.
For example: