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How does HTTPS make Q2A websites safer?

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asked Oct 5, 2017 in Q2A Core by Ronlaw
I'm aware Google is currently favoring HTTPS in search results. What are the security advantages for Q2A websites though?
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1 Answer

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answered Oct 5, 2017 by bluegenel
Security of users passwords. A lot of people still use the same password for different websites. So if a hacker gets your Q2A password, potentially the hacker has got your Online Banking password as well.

Apart from that, it gives your users a clear indication that your Q2A site is safe. Google Chrome browser is now displaying a 'not secure' message directly into the address/url bar of the browser if the site isn't using https.
commented Oct 5, 2017 by Ronlaw
Good point. Is it true all communication in HTTP is in plain text?
commented Oct 5, 2017 by bluegenel
More or less.