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Require help in migrating the website to a new webhost. Anyone out there to assist?

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asked Oct 6 in Q2A Core by Yogendra Basnet
edited Oct 6 by Yogendra Basnet
I have a wordpress blog with database now i want only the data base of the wordpress site to be uploaded in q2a and use it.
Q2A version: 1.7.4

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answered Oct 8 by mayur
edited Dec 1 by mayur

Hi Yogendra,

We can help you with WordPress and question2ansewr related requests.

You can contact me via below form.

Contact Publicity Port for Question2Answer site requirements


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answered Oct 11 by Ronlaw

This plugin separates Wordpress and Q2A installations. I've never used so you'd better test it first in a localhost installation.


This script breaks Q2A-WP integration by creating Q2A's User related database tables which were not created because of integration and importing all WP users to Q2A tables.

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answered Dec 1 by ProThoughts
I can also help you. PM me if you need.

I recommend not to mix wordpress and q2a db but it is upto you.
commented Dec 2 by ProThoughts
Yes, possible. Just point user db to wordpress table in q2a setting.

I never tried wordpress and q2a solution but it should work.
commented 3 days ago by Yogendra Basnet
Can u please say exactly how? I got stuck here.