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Require help in migrating the website to a new webhost. Anyone out there to assist?

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asked Oct 6, 2017 in Q2A Core by Yogendra Basnet
edited Oct 6, 2017 by Yogendra Basnet
I have a wordpress blog with database now i want only the data base of the wordpress site to be uploaded in q2a and use it.
Q2A version: 1.7.4

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answered Oct 8, 2017 by mshah
edited Dec 1, 2017 by mshah

Hi Yogendra,

We can help you with WordPress and question2ansewr related requests.

You can contact me via below form.

Contact Publicity Port for Question2Answer site requirements


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answered Oct 11, 2017 by Ronlaw

This plugin separates Wordpress and Q2A installations. I've never used so you'd better test it first in a localhost installation.


This script breaks Q2A-WP integration by creating Q2A's User related database tables which were not created because of integration and importing all WP users to Q2A tables.

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answered Dec 1, 2017 by ProThoughts
I can also help you. PM me if you need.

I recommend not to mix wordpress and q2a db but it is upto you.
commented Dec 12, 2017 by Yogendra Basnet
Can u please say exactly how? I got stuck here.
commented Dec 16, 2017 by ProThoughts
@Yogendra Basnet, just sent PM to you