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change php version

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asked 6 days ago in Q2A Core by Univer Soloby

after changing php version from 5.6 to 7.0, the site has become very slow, in the log file began a long process it is to submit a request to the database from the script no identified problems (if the clean install script to 7.0 everything works well and no long processes when accessing the database) 

May be something written in the database (maybe cookies or something) which does not allow it to correctly upgrade to the new version of php 

hope for helps

1 Answer

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answered 6 days ago by ProThoughts
Which version of Q2A you are using? It should make site faster after upgrade to 7.0, may be some other issue. What is version of mysql you are using?
commented 6 days ago by Univer Soloby
script version 1.7.5
7 PHP website quickly. but when I install new spript
but then upload the old database, the script begins to send the request to the database for 0,5 - 1 minute (exactly addition of answers or questions)
without the old database, everything works fine
/ I tried and old version of the script from which the job base is the same issue
/did the test and with empty base setting on version 5, and then she is on 7 with the same problem  (exactly addition of answers or questions)
commented 6 days ago by ProThoughts
Have u upgraded db after using old db? If not the go to yoursite.com/install you should see that option. Otherwise PM me your website link to debug this issue.
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