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Images are uploaded to database and directory? Only upload to directory.

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asked Nov 11 in Q2A Core by john123
Hi !

Images are being uploaded to database and web directory.

Example : define('QA_BLOBS_DIRECTORY', 'files');//

I tried changing web directory folder permission to 777 or 744 but it does same.

How can i upload images to directory only?

Thanks for your help.
Q2A version: 1.7.5

1 Answer

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answered 5 days ago by Scott
Are you sure the content is being stored in the database? When you set Q2A to store files in a directory, it still uses the database to keep records of the files. The only difference is the image data itself is not stored in the database.
commented 5 days ago by john123
Hi Scott !

You are right. Files are stored in directory and database is keeping the record.  Content column in database says 'null' .


If i delete blob tables from database, images remain in directory but disappear from my site.

It means i should keep blob tables and directory files both at same time?

If i keep blob tables for images, would it increase the size of the database too much?

Thanks for your help.