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problem with links

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asked Dec 5, 2017 in Q2A Core by Soner Bozkurt

google is getting busted index






Self spamming


User-agent: *
Disallow: /giris
Disallow: /sifre-hatirlat
Disallow: /ara?
Crawl-delay: 4

User-agent: Yandex
Crawl-delay: 30

User-agent: SindiceBot
Crawl-delay: 30

User-agent: CCBot
Crawl-Delay: 30

User-agent: wget
Disallow: /

User-agent: WebReaper
Disallow: /

User-agent: AhrefsBot
Disallow: /

what do you need to do?

commented Dec 15, 2017 by Soner Bozkurt
Helpppp mee???

1 Answer

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answered Dec 15, 2017 by Scott
You don’t really need to do anything. Search engines can pick up that the ?to= parameter doesn’t affect the page and ignore it.

But you can also block the login/register pages in the robots.txt if you want. You’re already disallowing /giris so you’d just need to add “Disallow: /kayitol” to that list.
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