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About PHP Insert/Creates two exactly same questions

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asked Dec 7, 2017 in Q2A Core by Kıvanç
Hello, i just started a php project which is insert questions directly qa_posts. Unfortunetly when i run my project it creates two same questions. Any idea?
commented Dec 7, 2017 by Scott
Impossible to know without seeing what code you are running.
commented Dec 10, 2017 by bluntk
$ekle = "INSERT INTO `qa_posts` (`type`,`categoryid`,`catidpath1`,`acount`,`amaxvote`,`createip`,`format`,`created`,`title`,`content`) VALUES ('Q','7','7','0','0','1320620350','html','$date','$title','$bilgi')";
commented Dec 10, 2017 by pupi1985
If you are adding the question twice that means you're likely executing the INSERT INTO twice. Most likely your issue is not related to Q2A but rather is just a bug in your code.

1 Answer

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answered Dec 11, 2017 by bluntk
Its only insert one time and after insert there is a die();