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Is there a ATOM compatible feed widget?

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asked Jan 7 in Plugins by poVoq
I have an external site that only creates ATOM feeds, but the RSS feed widgets for Q2A that I tried only seem to support the older RSS feeds.

Does anyone know one that works with ATOM feeds?
Q2A version: 1.8beta2
commented Jan 8 by poVoq
This would be actually cool to use, but again no ATOM :(
commented Jan 8 by poVoq
This seems like the right library to use if one was to make a better widget:
commented Jan 8 by poVoq
This might also be a good option:

1 Answer

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answered Jan 7 by ProThoughts
feedburner is still alive, you can use that. You can create custom code to show QA or wp posts from your site.

also check https://feed.press/
commented Jan 7 by poVoq
Thanks for the tip, but I would rather not rely on some external service.
My current idea is that I could channel the feeds through a lightweight program called selfoss ( https://github.com/SSilence/selfoss ), that allows aggregating feeds as a flat file system (and the feeds it creates work with the older RSS standard), but I also would rather not add additional complexity to my setup :(