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Can i block posting questions between limited time frame?

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asked Jan 9 in Q2A Core by Lary S
Can we block posting questions in particular time frame.
for example:
we want to block users from posting any question in forum from 11pm - 7am

Is it possible?

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answered Jan 9 by q2a.info
selected Jan 9 by Lary S
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Currently this feature is not supported by q2a. You need to do manually. admin ->posting permissions. check to admins only. this will disable posting by others.
commented Jan 9 by Lary S
Thanks for ur quick reply.
commented Jan 14 by Scott
By the way this would be possible to do with a plugin. Or just a basic script that changes the options like q2ainfo mentions, which you can run at certain times (eg with a cron job).