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Where is the Hot! tab??? I downloaded 1.4 dev and its not there?

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asked Apr 28, 2011 in Q2A Core by anonymous
I installed version 1.4 just today and I can't seem to find where to go to install the hot tab.  Is question2answer.org running a version we don't have access to?  Or is there a module I missed?  Thanks in advance, Doug

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answered Apr 29, 2011 by scorch
Yes, Q2A 1.4 dev is just a preview for developers giving them the possibility to create their plugins using modules that would just be available when the final version arrives.

If you want, you may download the night build, which is the latest version, but may be very buggy. :)
commented May 4, 2011 by Scott
OK I found the correct URL, edited above.
commented May 4, 2011 by Michael Trajan
working... thanks!