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How to make site fully HTTPS

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asked Jan 21 in Q2A Core by iavinash

Till yesterday my website http://iavinash.com was following HTTP but I changed it to "HTTPS" its all working fine but the Q2A is installed in sub folder http://iavinash.com/forum. My main site has gone fully "HTTPS" but Q2A has not.

I have changed the Preferred site URL: to "https://iavinash.com/forum/" but still not working.

Any suggestion.

commented Oct 15 by ismailusagim
hii iavanash help me pls ?  <link rel="canonical" http to https?

commented Oct 16 by Donutlover
It seems your site is working fine

1 Answer

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answered Jan 21 by ProThoughts
edited Jan 21 by ProThoughts
disable google search bar which is at the bottom and adsense ads for checking. see if it works or not.

or another reason could be your Google search and ads are using http. make it to https
commented Jan 21 by iavinash
Thanks again.. it started working fine after some changes in cloud flare settings.
commented Aug 10 by aljawalat
can you tell me how to fix it please ...