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Release of the last 4 premium plugins of q2apro as free Open Source

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asked Feb 3 in Plugins by q2apro
commented Feb 3 by Zeeshan
commented Feb 3 by Zeeshan
when I am using q2apro-quizx I am getting "Sorry, there are no quiz questions to this topic."
commented Feb 3 by ProThoughts
I added all these plugins(except quizx) and theme on test site http://demo.question2answer.info

if anyone want to try they can check.

2 Answers

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answered Feb 3 by MONKEY
I want to thank you for knowing that it is an important contribution for this type of platform
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answered Feb 3 by ProThoughts
Hi Kai,

Thank you very much for releasing paid plugins, highly appreciate. I know it takes lot of time and hard work to develop plugins. Just now transferred some amount to your Paypal account. please keep helping q2a community.
commented Feb 4 by q2apro
Thanks a lot for your words and the donation. Very nice surprise! :-)