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How to stop registration of bots(Spam) ?

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asked Feb 6 in Plugins by Zeeshan
Q2A version: 1.8 beta2

2 Answers

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answered Feb 6 by smohamadi


You can use recaptcha
active it in admin consol > Spam > Use captcha module:

and add API in reCAPTCHA in Plugins 

you can use this link for get api:


commented Feb 6 by Zeeshan
Already tried this and other captcha but still bots are registering
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answered Feb 6 by bluegenel
I'll tell you what I do. This wouldn't work for a high volume of users signing up. It works for me as my site gets about 1 new user every 2, 3, 4 days or so.

1. Get the Stop Spam plugin https://www.q2apro.com/plugins/stop-spam and set a question

2. Go to the Users tab in the admin panel

3. Tick Custom message in email sent to new registered users:

4. Put this message inside:

"Please email me to get approved. youremailaddress@yourdomain.com This is only required to verify you are a real person. Please include your Username (see below). I will respond to your email within (time period of your choice)."

5. Go to the Spam tab in the admin panel

6. Tick or un-tick as follows:

Un-tick Request confirmation of user emails:     
Tick Enable moderation (approval) of users:

7. Go to the Permissions tab in the admin panel

8. Set the following to Approved users only

Asking questions:     
Answering questions:     
Adding comments:     
Voting on questions:     
Voting on answers:
Voting on comments:

That's it. I get zero spam posts out of about 8000 posts per month on my site.
commented Feb 6 by Zeeshan
hmm ok...and I have also tried this https://github.com/amiyasahu/q2a-logical-captcha this captcha changes question every time but still spam bots are registering
commented Feb 6 by pupi1985

Having a captcha that can be parsed is no real captcha. "10+9" says the captcha in your site so it is just a matter of taking numbers from the left, up to the operator sign and then numbers from the right. Then execute the equation and then input that as the value. Writing a bot to register on the site breaking that logic would take around 1 hour and it would be free. The good thing about using a lesser known captcha approach is that it is less likely that someone would spend that hour on braking the logic.

Using recaptcha is the exact opposite because despite the existence of services that provide people who just work inputting captchas for bots, at least they have to pay for that.

Another approach would be to create your own captcha and not share it with anyone so that no one will consider worth spending that time to get into only one site.

@bluegenel In what language is your site?  Can you provide a link?