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how disable specific category in simple ads manager plugin?

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asked Feb 12 in Plugins by fahimalfarhan
edited Feb 13 by fahimalfarhan
is this ok to just put the  category name  on disable box?

or category link?

please help me its urgent
Q2A version: 1.8.0
commented Feb 12 by pupi1985
Please, don't duplicate questions
commented Feb 12 by fahimalfarhan
I am sorry for that.
can you help me please?

1 Answer

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answered Feb 12 by ProThoughts
selected Feb 13 by fahimalfarhan
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You need to enter category ID, just checked this plugin on https://demo.question2answer.info. Move mouse over category and you will see category number. enter that.

Plugin is working fine.
commented Feb 13 by fahimalfarhan
its working now
many many thanks