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Notifications plugin or core feature? v1.9.0?

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asked 4 days ago in Q2A Core by ProThoughts
Hi Scott, pupi1985, Notification is one of the big feature you planned for next release, will it be plugin or a part of q2a core features?  if possible could you please share details about this. also any progress on this?
commented 4 days ago by pupi1985
Sorry, but I'm not involved in any way with that :)
commented 3 days ago by ProThoughts
Ok, no problem. Hope Scott will explain in detail.

1 Answer

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answered 1 day ago by Scott
It will be a core feature as it needs to integrate with the user page and a few things.

I've made a few plans in my head for how to tackle it but haven't started the coding yet. Work is a bit quieter at the moment so I should be able to make some progress soon.
commented 13 hours ago by fahimalfarhan
please start it soon.
all the best
commented 3 hours ago by ProThoughts
@scott, thanks for the update. Let me know once you implement, will do testing.