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copy paste is not working in WYSIWYG Editor on mobile

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asked Mar 27 in Themes by fahimalfarhan

copy paste is not working in WYSIWYG Editor.how to solve this?

Q2A version: 1.8.0

1 Answer

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answered Mar 28 by Gurjyot Singh

Actually, it's not the problem of Q2A instead ckEditor had this problem in the previous version. They just fixed this issue and it's normal for the new version. Although we'll have to wait till ckEditor is updated in Q2A for us to use. I have also created an issue on Github/Q2A regarding the same, so we can be sure that in next Q2A update we will get this feature back.

commented Aug 6 by fahimalfarhan
When q2a next update will come?
commented Aug 6 by Gurjyot Singh
I have no idea. Q2A has always been slow in development and nowadays it's even slower. Now I don't wait and whenever it's ready it's ready, that's all.