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Error 1146: Table 'cwqadb.qa_options' doesn't exist - Query: SELECT title, content FROM qa_options

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asked Apr 4 in Q2A Core by Gautam Jain
I downloaded 1.8.0 fresh yesterday, uploaded to a new folder on our website. Associated with a blank mysql database. I am getting the error:

error 1146: Table 'cwqadb.qa_options' doesn't exist - Query: SELECT title, content FROM qa_options

Please help.

Actually, I have been using 1.7.0. I followed the upgrade instructions to upgrade to 1.8.0. But I am getting blank screen. So I tried fresh installation in new folder with new db as described above.

Please help.
Q2A version: 1.8.0
commented Apr 14 by Scott
Is this a plain Q2A installation or one with Wordpress or SSO integration? Where did you download the zip file from (Q2A website or Github)? What PHP version?
commented May 7 by Gautam Jain
It is plain installation. Downloaded from Q2A website. PHP version is 5.2. Have tried 5.4 also. Same results. Note that this is IIS server.

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answered May 7 by Gautam Jain
edited May 8 by Gautam Jain

Problem solved after several days!

I had configured FastCGI application on my IIS server to run PHP. So it was not working.

I switched to ISAPI Extension PHP version 5.2.17 and it started working.

The funny part is I already had QA website running successfully on FastCGI.

Setting up a new QA website on new database doesn't work on FastCGI. So switched to ISAPI Extension.

Update: The database (tables) was created after switching to ISAPI. But then installation showed blank page when creating Super Administrator. So I again switched back to FastCGI. This time it succeeded. 

Summary: On IIS we need to switch to ISAPI to create tables and switch back to FastCGI to proceed further with whole setup.

commented May 9 by Scott
To me that sounds like it could be a problem with the PHP extensions installed on each of the PHP versions. Make sure you have the mysqli extension installed and working correctly.