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Is Q2A GDPR ready?

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asked Apr 12 in Q2A Core by Problemko
edited Apr 13 by Problemko
Is there technically anything to be done in Q2A to meet GDPR requirements?
Q2A version: 1.8.0
commented Apr 12 by pupi1985
What would technically imply for Q2A to be "GDPR ready"?
commented Apr 13 by Alvaro A Fernandez
I've read somewhere that users need to have the option to have their profile pages private

1 Answer

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answered Apr 14 by Scott
Good question. I don't know exactly what is required by GDPR. Q2A allows deleting of accounts by Administrators, so users can ask to have their account deleted. However, users cannot delete their own accounts, not sure if that is a requirement.

Very little information is kept in the profiles anyway. Users can easily delete everything there if they need to.
commented Apr 18 by arasahmed
By using this after selecting the qa_user
DELETE FROM `qa_users` WHERE email = 'user@email.com';
DELETE FROM `qa_users` WHERE handle = 'username';
commented Apr 18 by arjunsuresh
@ProThoughts Thanks for reminding :)
@arasahmed That is a bad way because it will still keep user points and user posts alive - provided the deletion is allowed by the Database.
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