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Stop Spam registration!

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asked May 28 in Q2A Core by fara
Recently I am getting a lot of spam registration every day in my website.

I have recaptcha enabled but still I get spams.

Is there any idea to solve this problem?
Q2A version: 1.8 beta2
commented Jun 1 by teso
I am getting many as well - Would love to find a solution.
commented Jun 5 by fhisg
Can only confirm what others are saying here: we're also getting lots of bot registrations despite the use of recaptcha.

12 Answers

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answered May 31 by marcink99
Same issue, do any of the other spam plugins work? I looked and most of them seem to be for older versions.
commented Jun 2 by marcink99
correction it did not. Plugin seems not to be working. Its not reaching out to stopforumspam
commented Jun 12 by phodogo
Thank you very much
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answered May 31 by craigg
I have also been getting a lot of spam registrations with recaptcha enabled.  They do not make any post, answer questions or comment.  I get about 3-5 spam registerations a day.
commented Jun 3 by anhquan
Worst of all is garbage registers!
commented 6 days ago by mugen_h
If they don't make any posts/answers etc then how do you know that they're spam registrations? They could be normal users who're not participating, right?
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answered Jun 3 by Maik2

I found a solution with   Clean talk works through API call, and the price is like $ 10 a year.

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answered Jun 11 by big777
yes so annoying, maybe we need to have some kind of upgraded captcha, smh.
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answered Jun 12 by Algoworks
By default, WordPress websites allow for user registrations from a specific link: yoursite.com/wp-login.php?action=register.

To fix that, you can go to Settings ยป General.  Here you can uncheck the Membership box to make sure that no one can register on your site.
commented Jun 17 by tako
@Algoworks wordpress?
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answered Jun 12 by penmypaper
You should use a security question check during registration time and use a question which is core related to your site or use a tricky changing question. Don't copy pest other question.  Choice a question which is not found in google only found in your site.
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answered Jun 12 by hay2011
I already posted this question few weeks ago. The only way to stop this to install previous version.  New version does not stop the spammers. Go back to old version which is 1.7

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answered Jun 16 by daphongthuyquanh
I think you better use security question to check spamer. Recapcha not work sometime.
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answered Jun 22 by dabi

I developed a strategy for that, but it is not complete.

  1. I use captcha for user registration and message posting.
  2. I removed all the additional information from user registration, so that they cannot put links and garbage on my website. That's their goal.
  3. First comment/question is moderated (even though I don't get many fake users trying to post comments/questions)
  4. This way the fake users have always 0 points
What I really need now would be a plug-in that allows me to bulk-remove users that have been at 0 points for, say, a week (or even a plug-in that does it automatically). Anybody implementing such a plug-in would save my day!
commented Jun 29 by dabi
Which would basically be a simple sql delete call for all the users at 0 points and registered for more than one week.
commented Jun 29 by dabi
Actually if anybody could point me to how to best do it, I would implement it myself.
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answered Jun 26 by fahimalfarhan
Use Stop spam plugin.and set only one security question.

example question

what is the color of sky?
commented Jun 26 by fara
Thank you for your answer. But I would like to use Recaptcha plugin. It was working fine for three years in my website!
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answered Jun 26 by MONKEY
Please change to https and this is all