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Q2A SEO anomaly - sites ranking poorly

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asked Jun 29 in Q2A Core by 851
edited Jun 29 by Scott
Today just woke up to check on how all sites using this script rank on SEO.To my shock,i feel very disappointed .

I stand to be corrected if am wrong.This script is doing poorly on search results.Even some of us who SEO plugins,seems those plugins are obsolete as the have no impact

How comes all our websites have 0% percent page score with only one site which has 34%?

What can be done about SEO of this script?

I tested all these sites below

commented Jun 29 by Scott
What makes you say the problem is Q2A? Tell me what Q2A is doing wrong in regards to SEO.

You can’t expect to make a website and instantly have it rank at the top of Google.
commented Jul 1 by arjunsuresh
Who is giving page score? The only reason I see Q2A having bad score might be a lot of questions with small or poorly written answers. Some years back, this Q2A main forum used to be ranked quite high by Google - and it was not using any SEO tool I believe.

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