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How to only allow my ASP.NET website's registered users to ask questions and post answers at questions2Answers?

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asked Jul 4 in Plugins by sanket
I only want the registered users of my ASP.NET website to be able to ask and answer questions. I want to host this questions2answers website on a subdomain of the main domain of my website and I want to keep the database of the forum separate from my website's database.

How can I achieve this? Kindly help.

Thank you,
Q2A version: 1.8.0

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answered Jul 4 by Algoworks
selected Jul 5 by sanket
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Hi Sanket,

For hosting your questions2answers website on a subdomain, set up a subdomain with your domain provider. Then point it to your hosting account. After this, using htaccess, set up redirects for the old URLs (e.g. yourdomain.com/qa/) to the subdomain (e.g. sub.yourdomain.com).
Hope this helps!
commented Jul 5 by sanket
Thanks for the info @Algoworks. I also need to know if I only want my website's registered users to access my Q2A site, then what will I have to do?
The SSO with external users feature is "not" what I want, as my Q2A website is planed to be put on separate sub domain with separate database.
I need login and registration with my ASP.NET website's database and those users be able to come to the Q2A forum to discuss various topics.
Thanks in advance for the help. :)
commented Jul 5 by Algoworks
You can create API over ASP.Net website's database to implement user authentication and authorization functionality. For Q2A website, you can have separate database with data linked to User Id retrieved from ASP.Net website's database.
commented Jul 5 by sanket
Nice! Thanks for that @Algoworks
Is creating a plugin for this safer, or would I be just fine with changing the code in login.php directly?