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hello q2apro help me.

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asked Aug 3 in Plugins by fahimalfarhan
Onsite notification plugin not working in mobile.can you please help me.
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commented Aug 11 by JackSiro
sorry its like q2apro took a holiday for too long. you can try to look for him via pm

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answered Aug 11 by vivian
Is it working in landscape mode?

Then you have to change the width of the notification box for mobiles. Go to the notification plugin's folder and edit the styles.css

/* smartphones */
@media only screen and (max-width:480px) {

   #nfyWrap {
        left: auto;
        right: -5px;
        width: 350px;
    #osnbox {
        position: static;

Change this section as per your need. This size should work with almost every modern mobile phones.