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How to setup the email? which code shall be modified?

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asked Sep 4 in Q2A Core by jonesshen
My website cannot send any email, even though I have setup the mail setting by the instruction, and tried the SMTP also. when send message via the send feedback function, server error was marked.

Pls help me to solve this issue, I have spent a lot of time on this. Thanks great for your time.
Q2A version: 1.8

2 Answers

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answered Sep 6 by questfor
Can you please send us a screenshot of what's happening?

I mean, the exact server error message you're getting. Thanks!
commented Sep 7 by jonesshen
pls find my reply in my answer, thanks great.
commented Sep 7 by questfor
Replied there!
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answered Sep 7 by jonesshen
edited Sep 7 by jonesshen

Thanks great for your reply,  pls find the screenshot as below. I have confirmed with my server's supplier, and knew the port of 25 was shut down by them, and ask me to change to 465 port, is there any code need to be modified if change the port from 25 to 465? thanks great.

commented Sep 7 by questfor
Yes, you can change port from email settings in Settings ---> Email admin page.
Scroll down and check out all your email settings. Must match the ones provided by your email provider.
commented Sep 10 by jonesshen
I did it, but it still cannot work.

Could you give me your comments on the fatal error shown in the screenshot?