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I am in the finishing process of the Best-User-PRO-plugin.

Features compared to the free version:

  • "best users this month" widget is completely cached
  • all userscores are only updated on userpoint events
  • no cronjob necessary anymore
  • permission to access month and year page implemented
  • option to exlude admin from the best user listing
  • turn on or off rewards
  • datepicker implemented for better usability
  • and some more stuff ... :)


Demo Year Page: http://www.q2apro.com/forum/bestusers-year

Demo Month Page: http://www.q2apro.com/forum/bestusers

Widget can be found in the sidebar at the top-right: http://www.q2apro.com/forum/

best users pro premium plugin

It will be a premium plugin for probably 29 USD. The two testers get it for free of course. If you want to participate, please comment below.

Thanks and greetings,


PS: Please also tell me your website's address and the q2a version. From all applications I will choose two that seem the most appropriate.

Q2A version: 1.6.3
Great! I like to test this plugin too. But two members already have given their names to test the plugin. I am now using your free plugin. I have set it only visible to Admins (http://www.wikifirst.net/bestusers). If you are interesting I like to participate with testing with my q2a site http://www.wikifirst.net/ Q2A version 1.6.3
I'm willing to help test at answerhighway.com if you are still looking for beta testers. If you are still looking then PM me here at question2answer.org.


Testing has been finished. Thanks to rgd and Helper! Premium plugin released at:
Great Plugin. I have installed it on my site http://www.wikifirst.net/.
Page of this plugin has nice design and widget of this plugin is also very attractive.
The best thing is we can decide the pages where the widget appears.
This plugin has very useful advance options and I could indicate my own currency.
Really this plugin added great value and quality for my website and this will be definitely help to promote my site.
Thanks Kai for develop and released this wonderful plugin for q2a users.

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