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"You want to motivate your community? You want to create a competition between your users every month? Well, you found the right plugin! By using the Best-Users-Pro plugin you push your users to be more active dramatically."
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Based on the q2a point system, user scores get saved per month/year and rewards can be granted to your winning users. Highly motivating. Provides a widget and two separate pages.



  • easy to setup and easy to use for all your users
  • displays a widget with best users of the current month
  • set the number of the users to be displayed in the widget
  • lightweight plugin that keeps your server fast
    - all user scores in the widget are completely cached
    - all userscores are only updated on userpoint events
  • no cronjob necessary to store the user scores each month
  • provides a page for best users per month and per year
  • datepicker implemented for better usability
  • abbreviations of the month can be changed to your language
  • rewards can be enabled/disabled
  • set your own rewards in the plugin options
  • number of top users per month / per year can be set
  • option to exlude admin from the best user listing
  • permission to access month and year page
  • available languages: en, de


This plugin is used at www.gute-mathe-fragen.de - one of the biggest question and answer forums for mathematics in German speaking countries. If you want to try the plugin, please use the q2apro-forum.

Where to Purchase

Get the plugin from our website: http://www.q2apro.com/plugins/best-users-pro


Screenshots / Demo

Check out the demo at: http://www.q2apro.com/forum/

Screenshots with q2a default Snow-Theme:

1. Widget on the right:


2. Best Users Page per Month


3. Admin: Plugin Options

*Thanks to rgd and Helper for testing the plugin in depth :-)

Q2A version: 1.6.3
Thanks q2a pro !
is it possible to edit this plugin so it can sort users on weekly basis as well ( same as their absolute sorting) ? related to this question : http://question2answer.org/qa/34773/how-to-sort-users-based-on-weekly-contribution-points
Thank you !
I will consider this for a future release if another user will post the same request.
Yes, I think the weekly option would be great! It would be even more interesting for users, if they can get also weekly rewards. important would be to have 2 different widgets that can be displayed at different places (one for month and a new second one for week).

Another feature idea would be to give the users automatically extra points as rewards. And this points are automatically added to the users points (maybe adding them to the "extra points" field of a user.

I am using the free widget for the moment, as soon as the weekly option is added, I will buy the pro-plugin.

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@Kai Thank you for this plugin. Its so user-friendly and I use it in my forum and is an instant hit. Now its easy to change the reward system which wasn't a possibility with the free version of the plugin. I really like the Calender system and the option to sort the best user in both Monthly as well as Yearly timelines.

The widget is also very clean and doesn't take much space. All in all a very good plugin. Thanks once again.
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Thanks Kai, This is a Great Plugin. I have installed it on my site http://www.wikifirst.net/. This plugin is user friendly and very easy to install.

Page of this plugin has nice design with attractive calendar system and widget of this plugin is also very attractive.

The best thing is we can decide the pages where the widget appears.

This plugin has very useful advance options and I could indicate rewards with my own currency.

Really this plugin added smart look and quality for my website and this will be definitely help to promote my site.

Thanks Kai for develop and released this wonderful plugin for q2a users.